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Vermont Storm

Welcome to Vermont's premier fastpitch program!

The Vermont Storm softball program focuses on a strong team environment, player development, and competition at the highest levels. Our players, parents, and coaches come from all over the state of Vermont, including middle school, junior varsity, varsity, and college teams.

We strive to provide all players in the Storm organization with a positive experience that will increase their personal and softball development, improving their skill level and enhancing their softball acumen.  We seek to positively impact the importance of being a student-athlete, a good citizen, and responsible individual.

Playing with Storm includes:

  • Attending off-season training sessions when possible. This may include fall practices outdoors, and indoor practices during winter and spring.
  • Making Storm softball your priority team during our summer season (early June through early August). This includes attending as many practices and tournaments as possible, and communicating early and often with coaches about any conflicts.
  • Practices are usually once-twice per week during off-season (Sept-March), and 2-3 times per week during the summer season.

Playing with Vermont Storm

We are committed to developing as many Vermont softball players as we can. Accordingly, we have two different levels of players at Vermont Storm, rostered players and practice players.

Rostered players make bigger commitments to Storm softball and have opportunities to participate in tournament play:
  • Attend practices whenever possible during fall, winter, early spring, and summer seasons to improve their skills and help their team prepare for tournament play.
  • Represent Vermont Storm Softball proudly and participate in tournament play with their team on weekends.
  • Make Storm Softball their priority sport during summer tournament season, attending practices and tournaments as scheduled.
  • Participate in off-season fundraising at expected levels to help keep player fees down for all players.
  • Communicate directly with their coaches as needed.
Practice players have opportunities to continue to improve their skills working with Storm teams and coaching staff:
  • Attend practices during fall, winter, early spring, and summer seasons to improve their skills.
  • Communicate directly with their coaches as needed.

Please check out the website, if you are interested in becoming a Storm player, have any questions, or simply wish to connect with us, please contact us at info@vermontstorm.com.


The Vermont Storm Team


More About Storm Softball ...

The year-round training offered by Vermont Storm makes all the difference. Having opportunities to work together as a team during the long winter months gives our players an unmistakable edge with their school teams in the spring and our travel teams in the summer.

Storm's all-volunteer coaches dedicate hundreds of hours each year in support of our teams and players. This structure also helps us to keep player fees and fundraising levels much lower than other club-sports.

Storm players represent the most dedicated and hard working student athletes in Vermont. Many are multi-sport athletes, balancing competing demands on their time, and becoming excellent human beings.